Why I Do Not Use A Bullet Journal And I Probably Never Will

Start a bullet journal they said. All you need is a notebook and a pen, they promised. It will be easy. Yeah right. They failed to tell me I’d have to have to master the art of penmanship, purchase a bunch of art supplies, and spend hours of my day figuring out the bullet journal system. No thank you. I think I’ll just stick to using my iPad and whatever scrap paper I find lying around.

Spring Cleaning For Messy People

Take a look around your house. In its current state, is it Pinterest worthy? Or does it look like it belongs on the cover of “Messy Monthly”? (Not a real magazine, but you get the point). Yeah, mine too. I’ll bet your house, like mine, is in need of a good spring cleaning.

I’ll admit it, I am a messy person. Despite the fact that I am a minimalist, I can also be quite messy. The truth is, I often struggle with keeping my house clean (enough). Cleaning is just not real high on my to-do list. Which is why I prefer to do my spring cleaning more than once a year.

Yep, you read that right. I actually spring clean my house multiple times a year. Why? It’s simple, this way I don’t feel (too) bad about letting the dust pile up the rest of the year.

I may be one hot mess, but this hot mess has mastered the art of Spring cleaning. And you can too.

Decluttering Books: When you Love to Read

When it comes to decluttering books, what’s a bibliophile to do?

Bookworm, avid reader, bibliophile, literary connoisseur, scholar, intellectual. Do any of these terms resonate with you? If so, then you, like me, probably adore books. In addition to my love of reading them; I can’t get enough of the way books feel, smell, and sound (when turning a page). There was a time when books overran my home. One could not enter a room without spotting more than a few. I would collect book after book from multiple genres. Sometimes I would read them, other times I was merely comforted by the thought of having them around.

Then came cross-country move number one. And I discovered books are heavy! I’m not saying the weight of multiple boxes of books prevented me from boxing up every book in my rather large collection and hauling those boxes over 1,700 miles. Because that’s exactly what I did. I’m just saying books can be heavy, that’s all.

Multiple moves later (including two more cross-country), somewhere along the way, one by one, I eventually began letting go of my beloved books. And I can proudly declare that I have not required a single therapy session (yet).

Shock Treatment Declutter Method: A Crash Course

If you are currently fighting the battle to keep clutter from overtaking your life, you’ve probably researched popular methods for decluttering. Maybe you’ve even tried a few of them with varying degrees of success. But, have you considered the Shock Treatment Declutter Method? Probably not, because it’s a method designed by me and I have not shared it with anyone else. Until now.

I’m sure the words “shock treatment” conjure up negative images in your mind. After all, shock treatment was (and occasionally still is) used as a last ditch method to help people who suffer from psychiatric illnesses. Basically, seizures are electronically induced in the patient in order to somehow reset the brain thereby treating forms of major depressive disorder, catatonia, and mania.

Yeah, I don’t understand it either.

I promise, my shock treatment declutter method doesn’t cause seizures. In fact, it’s (fairly) painless, and can be completed in only four steps.

How to Declutter Paper-In 4 Simple Steps

Are you drowning in paper clutter? Are you sick of all of the junk mail, school papers, manuals, arts & crafts from the kids, receipts, bills and more that are slowly taking over your home? Have you been searching for an easy-peasy way to declutter paper?

Each and every day, multiple pieces of paper enter our homes. How can we deal with this paper clutter and keep it from getting out of control? In our digital age, why can’t we seem to live a paper-free life?

Today I will share with you the four steps I have taken in my own home to kill the paper clutter monster. Think of these 4 steps as your emergency floatation device when you are drowning in paper clutter.

Ideas for Organizing a Small Kitchen

Are you struggling to cook in a small kitchen? Trust me, I get it. In my house the struggle is real. My kitchen measures a whopping 7 1/2 feet by 12 feet. For those of you who are good at math, that’s 90 square feet available for cooking. And the majority of that space is taken up by appliances. Most people’s bathrooms are larger than my kitchen.

In my small kitchen, I need to prepare three meals a day for five people. It is by far the busiest room in my home.

My house was built in 1904. It’s in the middle of “town” so, no farmhouse kitchen for me. It continues to baffle me that for a 700 Sq. ft. home, in 1904, when eating out was unheard of, only 90 square feet were devoted to the kitchen. Our home has been added onto since 1904 and has been upgraded to 1,100 square feet. But, alas, there was never a feasible way to increase the footprint of the small kitchen.

So, what’s a person with a small kitchen to do? Well, I figure if a woman of 1904 could manage to crank out meals that were far better than I could ever whip up, with far fewer appliances, despite having to cook in a small kitchen, so can I.

There are a few things I’ve learned from preparing thousands of meals in my small kitchen. The awesomeness that is Pinterest has taught me a few more.

Top 10 Books On Decluttering

Despite the fact that I’ve (mostly) decluttered my family’s living space, I still love to read books on decluttering. I have a passion for helping other’s declutter their space and I like to keep up on what everyone has to say about reducing clutter. Because I have read almost every decluttering book ever published, you don’t have to. I have narrowed down my favorites to the following top 10 books on decluttering. By reading just one of these books, you will be instantly motivated to declutter your space. I guarantee it.

Boy’s Winter Capsule Wardrobe

Today I decluttered my children’s closet and reduced their clothes down to the items they actually wear. I created a minimal boy’s winter capsule wardrobe for each of them. Check it out:

Declutter Before You Organize

Are you looking forward to getting more organized this year? Have you already begun stalking The Container Store and Ikea looking for the perfect bin, basket, or sleek storage system to organize your stuff once and for all? Do you find yourself spending hours on Pinterest drooling over hundreds of organizational wonders?

Stop right now.

Have you decluttered yet?

Put down that new catalog that promises to help you with all of your organizing needs. Stop yourself from putting that cute little wicker basket in your shopping cart. Just walk away.

Trying to organize before you declutter is like putting the cart before the horse. Instead, you need to declutter before you organize. Here are six good reasons why you should.

How to Declutter Your Wardrobe

Do start each day by opening your drawers or walking into your closet only to hang your head in despair?

Are you frequently overwhelmed by the contents of your wardrobe?

Do you regularly feel even though you may own multiple items of clothing- that you have nothing to wear?

Have you recently lost or gained weight and are holding onto clothing in the hopes of one day being able to wear it again or the fear of growing into it again?

Are your closets and drawers overstuffed to the point that you cannot easily close them or identify what’s inside?

Have you tried in the past to declutter your wardrobe to no avail?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, keep reading. I will show you the simple, practical steps I have taken to declutter and obtain a manageable/streamlined wardrobe that I love.

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