Why I No Longer Care What People Think Of Me: And Neither Should You

I used to worry about what other people thought of me. I was afraid I would scare “normal” people away if I was too silly or weird. What if they didn’t “get” my oddball sense of humor?  I would walk on eggshells around certain people because I was afraid I’d do or say something to make them angry. I would even avoid speaking to anyone whom I perceived to be more intelligent or successful than I was (out of fear I would look stupid to them). Then I learned the truth. And the truth has set me free. Now, I no longer care what people think of me. And neither should you.

The truth is…

What I Own: Minimalist Makeup

What I Own: Minimalist Makeup

Welcome to another post in the series, “What I Own” where I share a sneak peek into what I (and my family) currently own. I don’t do this so I can say, “Nah nah nah boo boo, I own less than you do!” But rather because I hope to encourage you by showing you that it is possible to live with less; even when you have a family. You can look great and have a minimalist makeup collection at the same time.

Today I present to you, my personal minimalist makeup collection.

My Minimalist Journey-From Material Girl to Minimal Mom

From the time I was born, I’ve lived with less. But, I haven’t always been a minimalist.

My sister and I were raised by a single mom. My father paid child support, however, my mother was addicted to drugs and alcohol. Therefore, there usually wasn’t much money available for the basics, let alone any extras.

As a child, I was forced into “minimalism” by way of poverty.

What I Own: Minimalist Hair Care

There’s a funny meme going around about how to take care of curly hair. Just add water. While that’s mostly true, there are ten items (in addition to water) I regularly use in my minimalist hair care routine.

In my first post of the What I Own series, I gave you a glimpse at my clothing. Today, I will share with you the ten items I use to keep my hair manageable as well as the frugal services I regularly utilize in order to care for my long, naturally curly hair.


Fall/Winter Capsule Wardrobe

Today, I want to share with you a tour of my Fall/Winter Capsule Wardrobe.  The hanging portion of my closet contains 27 pieces and I have 5 pairs of shoes, bringing the grand total to 32 pieces. This number does not include my winter coat, hat, gloves, scarves, undergarments, clothing I wear around the house, or accessories. All of my clothing fits into a 3 1/2′ X 6′ space. As a result, everything I need to get dressed is contained in one convenient location.

20 Random Facts About Me

 I could remain anonymous and give advice and encouragement from somewhere far off in the digital stratosphere, but what fun would that be? As someone who doesn’t like to talk about herself, this list will be a stretch, but here goes…

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