About Little Ol’ Me

Hello there and welcome.  My name is Cheryl, it’s nice to meet you. In case you came here wanting to know a little about me; I am a daughter of the one true King, wife to my hubby for over 20 years, and mom to three boys ages: 18, 13 & 9 who are each unique in their own way. During the day I am a coffee-fueled “Knowledge Facilitator” (aka Homeschool Mom). At night and on the weekendblogphoto I like to blog, fish, nap, read, surf YouTube, study sociology, catch up with far-away family members, and play board games. Oh, and I also have a slight addiction to Korean dramas and The Gilmore Girls (thank you, Netflix).  I am passionate about living as small, slow and simple of a life as I can. I enjoy helping others simplify their surroundings. I hope through this site as well as my YouTube channel, I will be able to motivate and inspire anyone (maybe even you) to simplify, slow down, declutter and organize their lives.

If you’d like to know a little more about me, check out my post: 20 Random Things About Me.


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