40 Things I Do Not Buy Since Simplifying My Life

Since I began simplifying my life, I’ve discovered that I do not buy many of the things I once thought were essential. A welcome side-effect of simplifying my life has been that I have also been able to simplify my shopping list! Here’s a list of 40 things I no longer buy (and I can’t believe I ever did).

Do’s and Don’ts of Blogging-Advice for Newbie Bloggers

Have you been thinking of starting a blog but have held off because you don’t know where to begin? Or, are you a newbie blogger who wants to make sure you are doing things correctly? If you answered “yes” to either of these questions, this post is for you. If you could care less about blogging, please check out the archives where you will find articles on simple living, home organization, living in a small house and more. I will return to my regular blog topics in my next post. In this post, I will be focusing on a few common mistakes made by newbie bloggers (myself included), as well as some things I’ve done to increase traffic on my site, which has allowed me to generate income after a few short months of blogging.

10 Ways to Show your Love-Without Spending a Dime

“Say you don’t need no diamond ring
And I’ll be satisfied
Tell me that you want those kind of things
That money just can’t buy
I don’t care too much for money
For money can’t buy me love.”-The Beatles

Keep your cash & show your love

Do you have a full heart but an empty bank account? Despite what the media wants us to believe, true love doesn’t come from a store. Maybe it’s time to jump off of the consumer-driven love-train and endeavor to show your love to that special someone in other (free) ways.  Here are ten ways you can show your love, without spending a dime.

Decluttering Books: When you Love to Read

When it comes to decluttering books, what’s a bibliophile to do?

Bookworm, avid reader, bibliophile, literary connoisseur, scholar, intellectual. Do any of these terms resonate with you? If so, then you, like me, probably adore books. In addition to my love of reading them; I can’t get enough of the way books feel, smell, and sound (when turning a page). There was a time when books overran my home. One could not enter a room without spotting more than a few. I would collect book after book from multiple genres. Sometimes I would read them, other times I was merely comforted by the thought of having them around.

Then came cross-country move number one. And I discovered books are heavy! I’m not saying the weight of multiple boxes of books prevented me from boxing up every book in my rather large collection and hauling those boxes over 1,700 miles. Because that’s exactly what I did. I’m just saying books can be heavy, that’s all.

Multiple moves later (including two more cross-country), somewhere along the way, one by one, I eventually began letting go of my beloved books. And I can proudly declare that I have not required a single therapy session (yet).

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